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December 2012 Update: The work and progress continues.  Everyone knows raising a new facility from the ground up is a daunting and frustrating effort but one worth making.  It’s not easy finding a suitable location within a reasonable distance of our previous home that also has race friendly neighbors and helpful local governments all at a reasonable price. The Race To The Future group agreed unanimously from the starting line we would not over promise and under deliver on this project.  We have also been strongly cautioned by both the public and private sector participants to not hamper progress by being too anxious to share information.  Racers have seen for themselves how the best intentions have gone bad as other race facility efforts have suffered tremendous setbacks.  R2TF believes 2013 will bring a suitable location for our new race home.

Co-Chairman, James Friend stated, “Our organization is very excited with the prospect of returning drag racing to Kansas City and ending the recent deadly street racing by providing a safe racing venue for our city’s youth. It’s been a long difficult search but with a number of exciting location possibilities under consideration we are anxious to begin narrowing the discussions leading all of the racers and racing fans to a new racing home.”

The Race To The Future organization is an all volunteer board of racers, sponsors and industry professionals joined together to actively seek a solution to the demand for drag racing in the Kansas City area. The R2TF organization was formed shortly after the sudden closing of Kansas City International Raceway in November 2011. The R2TF board recognizes the urgent need of the entire Kansas City metropolitan area to bring an end to the illegal and lethal street racing that has again reemerged once KCIR was closed. Interestingly, KCIR was originally opened in 1967 by a drag racer that was compelled into action to end the muscle car street racing that was endangering the public and Kansas City’s youth.

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Racers and Racing Fans: Do you feel disenfranchised by the sudden closing of your local raceway? Do you wish you could do something but don't know what to do? Racing is More Than a Sport, We Are a Community, We Stick Together!

Join us! Take Action Now!

We feel the same as you; and we're doing something about it. We are the "Race to the Future" group. We are racers and racing fans volunteering our time and money to build a new raceway in the area. Sure, it won't be easy and yes it's going to take at least a year, but together


Imagine a profitable and sustainable raceway right in your back yard! Designed, Owned and Operated by Racers and Racing Fans.

What Do We Need? YOU !

Volunteer, Help Out, Donate Your Time, Donate Your Knowledge, Donate Some Money - Large or Small.

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